Profesional Artificial Grass Cleaning Services

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Artificial Grass Cleaning

Breathe life back into your garden with a professional artificial grass clean in Milton Keynes!

What type of artificial grass clean will I need?


If your garden is a low traffic area, and you don’t have any pets then our Regular Maintenance Clean will be perfect for you. We will remove all of the leaves and debris from your garden and brush up the pile leaving your garden looking as good as new! 

If your garden is regularly used or you have pets then we recommend our Deep Foam Chemical Wash which includes a deep clean, brush and sanitise! Perfect for removing the smell of pets and mess! 


How often do you need an artificial grass clean?

This can vary depending on the amount of traffic in your home, and if you have pets! We recommend having a bi-annual grass clean to keep your grass looking great year round. You can always maintain your grass in between professional grass cleans! To keep it looking fresh try:
- Removing leaves and debris from the grass
- Brushing your grass with a stiff bristled broom
- Removing pet waste and washing down the area
These simple tips should help keep your grass looking grea!

Before & After

The difference a grass cleaning service can make is amazing! By removing the leaves and debris, brushing up the pile and infilling any missing sand your garden will look as good as new!