Profesional Artificial Grass Cleaning Services

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Artificial Grass Maintenance

We also provide an additional maintenance service to resolve any issues you may have with your lawn, for example, any lumps, bumps or dips that have appeared over time or areas around the perimeter that need addressing.

Artificial Grass Cleaning Bedford

Sometimes your artificial grass can take a bit of a battering, especially if you have a busy household with children or pets, or both! 

As well as regularly cleans, we also carry out maintenance on artificial grass to repair any troublesome areas! 

This can include lumps that have appeared or dips in the ground causing an uneven garden. We can also tidy up the perimeter or your garden ensuring it looks neat and tidy, always! 

We have invested in the very best equipment to ensure we leave your garden looking perfect. 


Grass Cleaning

Once your grass is in good order, we recommend getting a bi-annual grass clean!

Check out our different packages and get yourself booked in! 

Artificial Grass Maintenance You Can Do! 


Don’t forget there are things you can do yourself to keep your artificial grass properly maintained to avoid needing professional maintenance! 


Brush your grass 

Remove leaves and other debris

Remove pet waste

Don’t wear high heels on the grass

Don’t put anything hot on your grass