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How often should I have my artificial grass cleaned?
From our experience we recommend that you should have your lawn professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year depending on traffic, pets etc.. . We routinely send out emails & text messages between November & December to start booking in from January onwards. The clean carried by our professional team of operators will include brushing, vacuuming removing all debris leaves & sanitising with the additional choice of a deep foam chemical wash etc. Not only will this extend the life of your lawn, it will also keep it in the best condition it can be, all year round.
Why do I have to have my artificial grass cleaned?
Here at Artificial Grass cleaning services we believe that the maintenance & upkeep of your lawn is essential in preserving it’s longevity. Without regularly maintaining your lawn it will collect unwanted debris, animal odours & bacteria lose its lustre & pile becoming flat & not as appealing on the eye. Hence why regular maintenance is so important.
How to remove leaves from an artificial lawn?
Removing leaves – To avoid leaves rotting down and causing discolouration, it is important to remove them, especially during the autumn months when trees are dropping their leaves. This can be done with a flexible lawn rake, a broom with stiff bristles or a stiff brush.
Should I brush my artificial lawn?
Raising the pile – Over time your grass may begin laying flat in areas of high use. No need to panic as this is simple to fix! Simply brush the area with a stiff brush to bring the blades back up!
How to remove pet waste from artificial grass?
Removing pet waste – Artificial grass is pet friendly, and removing pet waste is simple. Simply use your preferred method of picking up animal waste (plastic bag or poop scoop) and hose down the area. You should add a mild detergent to the area to protect against bacterial build up & odours.
What type of artificial grass cleaning do I need?
The level of clean you need will depend upon a number of things including how highly trafficked the area is and if you have pets. For high traffic areas and areas that pets may soil, we recommend the Deep Foam Chemical Wash. This has all of the stages the regular maintenance clean has, but also includes a chemical foam power wash and another power brush to ensure a plumped-up finish!
How can I remove the smell of pet wee from my artificial grass?
Artificial grass is great for pet owners, it is low maintenance, mud free and usable year-round. Unfortunately, most dog owners don’t clean their grass, thinking the rain will wash dog wee away, however, if it’s not cleaned regularly the urine can seep through the grass into the sand below where it lingers, and the smell will build up. This is avoidable by these simple steps; - Clear the area, remove any solids you can see - Hose the grass down - Apply a product that is safe for pets, let sit for 10 minutes (you can scrub any stubborn areas with a hard bristled brush) - Rinse the area down
How can I keep my grass clean between scheduled maintenance?
Whilst a regular bi-annual clean is the best way to keep your grass in the best condition, there are some things you can in between these to keep it at its best! - Remove leaves and debris from your artificial grass - Brush your grass with a broom or plastic rake to lift the pile - Snow can be allowed to melt away, or removed with a plastic snow shovel - Rinse any spillages down with warm soapy water and a brush
Can you pressure wash artificial grass?
We wouldn’t recommend pressure washing your artificial grass, as tempting as it may be! If you pressure wash your artificial grass incorrectly you risk remove the infill sand which may compromise the life and quality of your artificial grass.
Will bleach damage astroturf?
Because artificial grass is synthetic, it’s important not to use harsh chemicals to avoid causing irreversible damage. This includes undiluted bleach! If you need to clean your grass, we recommend buying a specialised product that won’t cause any damage to your artificial grass or diluting bleach (1 part bleach at 10 parts water).

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